Joe "BroadBroadway Joeway" Diehl
      Joe started singing and writing gospel music in 1978,
      giving him over thirty years experience in the ministry.
      Joe Began singing gospel music with his brother Dave, in a
      local group.  He also sang with "The Spirit of Praise" and
      the "Christianaires"... writing many of their songs.
      In 1998 Joe and his wife Kaye started the Singing Diehls
      as a duet. An evangelist once said "Joe sings with a lot 
      of Juice."  Joe explains it must be the living water.  
       A former drummer for many years explains why Joe
       finds it difficult to stand in one spot while singing.  Not
       only does Joe emit a rich Southern Gospel sound in voice,
       and is an inspired, annointed, spirit filled songwriter. 

       To hear some of Joe's songs, click on "Joes songs".

Kaye "Smiley" Diehl

Kaye Smiley Diehl        Kaye has been the thread and spiritual inspiration in holding 
        the ministry together. Kaye is not only a beautiful singer and
        Joe's childhood sweet heart but has a glowing smile that    
        warms the hearts of everyone that she comes into contact
        with. One night    immediately following a service, an elderly
        gentleman overheard    Kaye talking about how she went off
        key on a word in one of the   songs. Kaye already knew that 
        the error probably didn't get passed Mr. Diehl's attention. The
        elderly gentleman approached Kaye and  said, "Honey, you
        don't even have to sing a word, just stand there and smile."
        Joe often remarks that Kaye's smile and her award winning 
        home baked pies alone will bring in the bookings. When it
        comes to serving the Lord, Kaye is like a giant oak tree.
        When battered by storms, its mighty roots keep it secure and

    Nina singing "It Had To Be"